January 18, 2019

Pallavi youth leaders no trust on Milton


As chairman of Metropolitan West Pallabi president of the committee had heard the name of Islam, Milton. In 1991, Milton was hmamataya pallabi thana BNP was president of the student. The number of the ward, where Milton’s house under police pallabi local commissioner of elections, the Awami League and the BNP candidate against the candidate pahme directly in the field of direct speech on stage during diyechilasei BNP standing committee member MK Anwar Aman batamane Aman Ullah was ganasanyoga Pallabi election and have informed about this. neyaara Dal General secretary Nur Alam’s house in order to sell the disappearance of money from the 10 lahma pallabi asetara of police after the youth of the ward committee ‘Committee 23569192 Ward No. “large amount of money from the committee to the No. 5 Ward of seven lakh from Rahim took over the post of the president. 3 Ward of the large amount of money from Ripon and Manik kareekhane The president and general secretary, Manik, a Bihari Bihari camps and madrassas number 10 of a permanent resident of Ward No. 3, senior vice-president from Dr Chan at 10 No. benarasi rural Hanif silk Fabric brother’s wife Zobaida Rahman’s show room to give sari worth two lahma .6 Ward took the case of the accused’s madara najura from the large amount of money from Malaysia, Milton’s president and Sohail 5 to 6 lahma wife for money and jewelery gifts sari took the post of general secretary of Ward No. 6. No. 9 Ward’s president and general secretary Javed takes to the large amount of money. Javed’s big brother, the president of the League Bappi Pallavi police station. Not only does Pallavi police informers jadarela Saiful Ward No. 5, No. 1 yugnasadharana editor of the opinion outside of Milton kamidera Pallavi police chief Saiful when harassed by the police. Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman barasiki martyrdom in the name of celebrating each ward of the youth committee of the contribution from the people nitasudhu not illegal under Sheikh hachina makaya illegal boat people to vote in parliamentary elections, candidate Elias balechilenanauka makara Mullah Ali Mollah, his younger brother in a close election bandhuabaidha hachina Ilias Molla makara strong pratidandi boat was young. In the meantime, the younger brother of his friend Mullah Ilyas Ali Mollah from the large amount of money and the organizing secretary of the mullahs boat makake support high karemilatana padara from behind organizing secretary Mollah, with a high stick and high Mullah direct field narate is not it illegal to ship pahme vote cayasudhu hachina under the government of Dhaka City Corporation election against the party’s candidate selection and election of Ismail Hossain Benu pahme morning of Milton can be seen in people with a Benu Anis Ismail Hossain of the clock Makan ‘put on tabita auala karateei holding against the youth of the city’s bus makara committee or any time of the announcement of the name of Milton committee heard paredhaka See the great dragon of the West, but pallabi and rupanagara police trnamrla party workers and senior leaders to accept it in any way do not, they claimed, Milton trnamrla with no contact with the youth leader kamidera. This is all because of the party’s founder, Milton last September basikite trnamrla first attack BNP leader kamidera parenaekhane mention that Islam Milton’s house Shariatpur.

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