April 19, 2018

Our New Year wish: Ban loud music on buses and trains

BANNING loud music on buses and trains is the most popular new law people want in 2016, a survey found.

As well as the gag on backseat DJs, a third would limit Christmas songs and adverts to after December 1.

A further third want child-free areas in restaurants and hotels and also an order against passengers who put feet on seats on public transport.

Other popular legislation ideas include a 60 days return policy for unwanted items and a noon checkout in hotels.

And two-fifths said fireworks should be allowed only on Bonfire Night to cut the distress to pets.

Meanwhile, three in 10 women and one in five men want animal care added to the national curriculum.

The research on new laws people want was carried out by canine charity Dogs Trust.

It found a quarter of us find it difficult to keep up with new laws.

For example, nearly half of dog owners did not realise their dog by law must have a microchip implanted by April.

Owners who fail to have their pets chipped, which includes an up-to-date address face a £500 fine.

Adrian Burder, from the charity, said: “It can be hard to keep track of new and upcoming laws, with nearly a quarter of people admitting that they find it confusing.

“Fortunately, there are a number of ways for the public to find out all the information they need on microchipping.

“Updating a dog’s chip details has never been easier; you can do it online, by telephone or by post.

“Losing a dog is an extremely upsetting time for both dog and dog owner so we welcome the new legislation due to come into effect in April.

“In 2015 alone Dogs Trust has microchipped over 185,000 dogs for free across our network of rehoming centres and we’re still working tirelessly to ensure even more dogs are given these painless but essential pieces of technology before April.”

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