April 20, 2018

Obama’s song ‘Amazing Grace’ on A Head Full of Dreams

Barak Obama

US president Barack Obama is going to sing song. Coldplay have enlisted none other than to cameo on their new album A Head Full of Dreams.

The White House reportedly gave Chris Martin and his band permission to crib the audio of Obama singing “Amazing Grace” at the funeral of Reverend Clementa C Pickney, a victim of the Charleston church shooting, earlier this year.

“We have a tiny clip of the president singing ‘Amazing Grace’ at that church,” Martin told The Sun. “Because of the historical significance of what he did and also that song being about, ‘I’m lost but now I’m found’.”

Coldplay also asked the Emnual African Methodist Episcopal Church, where the tragic murders occurred, if they could use the clip.

Obama revealed his own Spotify playlist in August, with Coldplay’s “Paradise” featuring in his “day” selection along with Florence + the Machine, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

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