February 22, 2019

Now UN could hike price of flights, concerts and football matches to pay for refugees

UNITED Nations bureaucrats have suggested hiking the price of flights and football matches in a bid to tackle the global refugee crisis.

The cost of fuel, Uber taxi rides and concert tickets could also rise if the so-called ‘solidarity levies’ are introduced.

The levies have been floated to plug a $15 billion (£10.5billion) funding gap for humanitarian crises.

A spokesman said the “additional revenues” could “support the provision of health services” in refugee camps.

A new UN report also suggests tapping into the billions generated every year by zakat, an obligation to be charitable for Muslim followers.

The donations total as much as $816 billion (£572.5 million) annually, according to the Saudi Arabia-based Islamic Development Bank.

The report says: “The very real potential is there for Islamic finance to provide solutions to the global humanitarian financing problem.”

Last year the cost of global UN aid efforts was a staggering $35.7 billion (£25 billion), up from $3 billion (£2.1million) in 2000.

But the funding shortfall meant 1.6 million Syrian refugee children had their food rations cut, according to the report.

Experts believe the move has made the biggest migration crisis since the Second World War even worse.

Last week a German official called for an EU-wide tax on petrol to pay for the growing number of refugees entering the continent.

Wolfgang Schauble, the country’s finance minister, said: “Why shouldn’t we deal with this at a European level, if the task is so urgent?

“We need to secure the Schengen external borders now. We cannot fail to address this problem because of a lack of funds.”

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