April 25, 2019

Now Taliban declares WAR on evil ISIS as sick terror group is ATTACKED on all sides

THE Taliban has declared war on depraved Islamic State as the net closes in on the sick terror group.

The terrorist organisation waged war on the savage jihadis by announcing that it has dismissed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s claims to be “caliph” – claiming he is not the leader of all muslims.

By officially denouncing al-Baghdadi, the Pakistan branch of the Taliban has launched war against the values of sick terror cult ISIS – also known as Daesh.

The declaration comes after the abhorrent regime spread its reign of horror to other terror-plagued areas in the Middle East.

The Pakistan Taliban said in a statement: “Baghdadi is not Khalifa (caliph) because in Islam, Khalifa means that he has command over all the Muslim world, while Baghdadi has no such command. He has command over a specific people and territory.

“Baghdadi is not an Islamic Khalifa because his selection is not according to Islamic rules.”

The group also claimed ISIS has little control in Muslim countries such as Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan.

The statement comes after a similar rejection by the Afghan Taliban as it has been battling ISIS on its own turf as the barbaric group has been trying to establish itself in Afghanistan.

ISIS’ infiltration of Afghanistan came just months after British troops were pulled out of the area and the Taliban have been locked in a violent battle to keep their territory.

The Taliban branded ISIS’s sick death rule as ”barbaric” and the blow for Daesh comes as Russian president Vladimir Putin says not all of the country’s military capability has been deployed in Syria, insisting he can “ramp up” the bombing if necessary.

Mr Putin said: “We see how efficiently our pilots and intelligence agents coordinate their efforts with various kinds of forces – the army, navy and aviation, how they use the most modern weapons.

“I want to stress that these are by far not all of our capabilities.

“We have more military means. And we will use them – if need be.”

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