February 23, 2019

Now Philip Hammond slams Russia’s bid to WIPE OUT evil Islamic State

DEFENCE Secretary Philip Hammond has slammed Russia’s bid to wipe out the Islamic State terror group.

Vladimir Putin authorised Russian airstrikes in war-torn Syria late last year and has already wiped out hundreds of jihadists, according to Moscow.

The bombing campaign has also targeted the ISIS oil industry amid claims Turkey is buying the fuel from the militants.

But Mr Hammond accused Russia of deliberately targeting civilians, hospitals and schools rather than bombing jihadists.

The top Tory claimed Russian jets were bombing civilian targets, then returning 15 minutes later to strike the same spot again.

Hammond said: “The Russians are deliberately attacking civilians and the evidence points to them deliberately attacking schools and hospitals and deliberately targeting rescue workers.

“If you go back for a second strike, you know what you are doing.”

The claims were brought to the senior tory’s attention after speaking to civilian rescue workers who try to offer help to civilians affected by strikes

Speaking during a visit to Turkey, Mr Hammond said: “Rescue workers are no longer marking their vehicles because they believe they are being targeted deliberately,”

“They also told me hospitals around Aleppo and Idlib have had Red Cross symbols removed because they are becoming a target for the Russians.”

He added that he would be bringing his accusations to Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, over the next few days.

Mr Hammond’s comments come as rising tensions between the UK and Russia threaten to come to a head in peace talks set to start in Geneva at the end of the month.

The talks, led by the United Nations, are aimed at helping Syria following unified international support for peace in the region

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