April 20, 2018

Nearly 100 died in Landslide In Myanmar

A fearful landslide in Myanmar killed about 100 people, many are remaining missing. The landslide happened near a jade mine in one of Myanmar’s most deprived areas.

A landslide in northern Myanmar has killed at least 99 people, with about 100 others still missing, according to an official.

The natural disaster unfolded near a jade mine in Kachin state on Saturday.

Scores of people were sifting through mountains of debris dumped by mechanical diggers to extract the valuable precious stone when the landslide hit.

A rescue official told the Reuters news agency that 99 bodies had been pulled from the rubble so far and that he was “sure” this number would rise.

Although the region is home to some of the world’s highest-quality jade – generating billions of pounds a year in revenue – most of this money ends up in the hands of companies and individuals linked to the country’s former military rulers.

Many parts of the country – also known as Burma – remain desperately poor, and some unofficial miners have been known to risk their lives by digging through the scraps of expansive cave mines.

Many of the miners were sleeping in huts when the tragedy happened, according to a state-run newspaper.

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