July 22, 2018

Muslim taxi driver refused to let woman sit in front seat for ‘religious reasons’

A MUSLIM taxi driver has caused fury after he
refused a woman to sit in the front seat due to
“religious reasons”.

The driver was accused of discriminating a mother
when she tried to get into the front seat of the
cab, but found the door locked.

When confronted by the family, New York taxi driver
Tamsir Drammeh said the husband could sit at the
front, but his wife would have to sit in the back
because his religious beliefs forbid him to sit next
to a woman.

The outraged family promptly got out and took down
the number of the taxi.

The family reported the incident and Drammeh was
slapped with a £250 ($350) fine for discrimination
by a city judge.

The judge told the driver that he needed to set
aside his beliefs when serving the public.

She said “his religion did not allow him to sit next
to a woman is not an acceptable defence in an
occupation that is operated to serve the public”.

She added: “Of significance, respondent made it
clear that the husband would be welcome in the front
seat, while the wife/complainant would not be.”

The manager of Drammeh’s garage said that there was
no rule in Islam that said the driver could not sit
next to a woman.

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