July 16, 2018

Motorists will face even more CHAOS due to roadworks in 2016

MILLIONS of families were able to travel more easily to be with loved ones this Christmas thanks to the Sunday Express Get Britain Moving crusade.

However, motorists face even more disruption from roadworks across the country next year.

Our crusade helped persuade the Government to suspend 400 miles of roadworks on motorways and major routes over the festive period.

Some essential works were still in force on the M1, M6 and M3 and at 40 other spots but the RAC said the Sunday Express crusade had helped ease the worst of the problems.

Peter Williams, of RAC Traffic Watch, said: “The lifting of over 400 miles of roadworks by Highways England has appeared to contribute to better traffic flow nationally and reduced congestion.”

However, he warned of “unprecedented levels” of roadworks next year.

The Government plans to spend £15.2billion over the next decade to revamp roads across the nation.

This is likely to cause widespread disruption, with London particularly badly affected by a new cycle network.

Steve McNamara, of the 25,000-strong London Taxi Drivers Association, said: “London is disappearing in a cloud of its own exhaust fumes.

“We are in favour of cycling lanes but this scheme has been rushed through and is causing chaos. London’s roads are being ripped up for people who mainly cycle in good weather. It is a very middle-class thing and the cycling lobby has incredible political clout while the rest of us will just have to get on with it.

“What you have now is virtually empty cycle lanes and the traffic squeezed into single lanes instead of two. Small businesses such as builders, delivery drivers and taxis can’t get around. The result is that no one is moving and the air quality is deteriorating rapidly because we have so much standing traffic.”

A spokesman for minicab firm Addison Lee said its research showed journey times in the capital have increased by 10% in the past two years.

“Gridlock is now a regular feature of driving in London and the main reasons are roadworks, a lack of co-ordination on when roads are being dug up and the changes for the new cycling network.

“We need an independent inquiry to look at every aspect of London’s choked roads and we need it quick.”

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