February 22, 2019

More Than 100 Injured In Train Crash In New Jersey: Reports

Accident took place at the height of the morning rush hour in the New York City area.

NEW YORK: A New Jersey Transit train derailed and crashed through the station in Hoboken, New Jersey during the morning rush hour on Thursday and ABC News reported that more than 100 people were injured and multiple passengers were trapped.

Dramatic pictures posted by commuters showed a train carriage that appeared to have smashed right through the station concourse, collapsing a section of the roof, scattering debris and wreckage and causing devastation.

Hoboken lies on the west bank of the Hudson River across from New York City. Its station, one of the busiest in the metropolitan area, is used by many commuters traveling into Manhattan from New Jersey and further afield.

ABC News said on its website that New Jersey’s emergency management system was reporting more than 100 people were injured, and that New Jersey Transit was reporting multiple passengers were trapped.

Passengers rush to safety after the train crashed in to the platform at the Hoboken Station

Linda Albelli, 62, said she was sitting in her seat in one of the rear cars when the train approached the station.

“I noticed, ‘he’s not slowing up, we’re going too fast,’ and with that there was this tremendous crash,” she said.

Injured passengers sat on benches in the train station while they waited for first responders, Albelli said. She did not know how many had been injured.

“There was just so much, a lot of people in need of attention,” she said.
Officials from the local police, fire department and New Jersey Transit could not immediately be reached for comment.

An MSNBC reporter on the scene said Jersey City Medical Center was prepared to take casualties.

NJ Transit said in a post on Twitter that rail service in and out of Hoboken station was suspended due to a train accident.

PATH trains said on Twitter that due to a NJ Transit train derailment at Hoboken station, all of its services were also suspended.

“Unbelievable scene in Hoboken right now,” wrote one Twitter user, Chris Lantero (@Chris_Lantero). “Train crashed and went straight through the platform into the station.”

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