June 22, 2018

Mila Kunis loves sharing peculiar parenting stories

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis loves to share her unusual parenting stories with her friends.

The ‘Bad Moms’ actress – who is pregnant with her second child with her husband Ashton Kutcher – has admitted she has her weird and difficult days with her 21-month-old daughter Wyatt just like all mothers and a good one to work through them is to talk to another mum who can empathise.

In an interview with LOOK magazine, she shared: “My friends have already been very open about their horrible days. I think we all have … It mostly happens that they’re like, ‘Holy s**t, let me tell you what happened today. I think it’s an everyday occurrence to me … Nowadays if it’s going wrong I call my best friend and I’m like, ‘I don’t know … there’s this colour coming out of her nose and I’m pretty sure she’s dying.’ It’s OK to do that now, and I don’t think it was necessarily OK before. I think this movie kind of brings light to that … I think people like to know they’re not alone.”

Mila, 32, admits Wyatt hasn’t gone through a majorly testing period yet and if she ever does have a tough day with her then Ashton, 38, is on hand to help out.

The ‘Family Guy’ star’s support network also includes her parents Elvira and Mark who live nearby and are more than happy to babysit their granddaughter.

She said: “I only have one little human so it’s not too bad. I mean, I’m very lucky. I do have Ashton, who is in an amazing husband. My parents also live in the same town that I do. So I’m very lucky when it comes to all those things. Wyatt’s rambunctious but she’s not there yet where she’s two-and-a-half and I’m like, ‘Holy s**t, there’s this demon baby coming out! We haven’t quite hit the demon stage yet.”

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