February 16, 2019

Migrant to uphold their adopted country’s values

Countries have taken an increasingly tough approach to migration amid the spiralling numbers of those from the Middle East and North Africa coming into Europe.

The migrants have to pledge to uphold their adopted country’s values or they have to face being fined or being out.

However, a severe backlash in a number of countries has led to Holland telling newcomers to be “good neighbours” and speak the national language if they want to stay.

Migrants could be fined or lose residency for failing to uphold European values.

All non-EU newcomers to the Netherlands will be forced to sign a declaration saying they will uphold Dutch values, or pay a fine of up to €1250 and have their residency revoked.

The migrant scheme will now rolled out after successful trials across 13 local councils in the past year.

Migrants will be monitored to see if they uphold other people’s freedoms as well as participate and integrate in society – for example, learning to speak Dutch.

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