January 18, 2019

Man, 63, avoids jail after auctioning monkey heads and leopard skulls on eBay

A MAN who auctioned monkey heads and leopard skulls online has been handed a suspended prison sentence.

George Bush, 63, admitted offering hundreds of imported animal body parts – including 134 separate pieces of monkey carcass – for sale on eBay.

The tattooed convict imported the specimens, many of which were protected species, from Indonesia.

Detectives discovered Bush’s ruse after a tip-off from the UK Border Force led them to eBay listings for the body parts.

The illegal haul included four monkey heads, a baby macaque skeleton, and two leopard cat skulls.

Bush, from Erith in south-east London, also pleaded guilty at Woolwich Crown Court to possession of over 70 extreme pornographic images featuring bestiality – but avoided jail.

He received a 14 month prison sentence suspended for two years.

Border Force spokesman Grant Miller slammed Bush’s involvement in an “illicit and often cruel trade.”

He said: “Those illegally trading in wildlife products should be in no doubt – we will target you at the UK border and beyond.”

Specialist wildlife officers from the Metropolitan Police echoed the Border Force’s warning.

Detective Constable Sarah Bailey said: “We are committed to ensuring that anyone in London who is trading illegally in endangered animal parts is stopped.

“This case shows that strong controls are in place to protect endangered species and the police will take action against anyone found to be trading illegally.”

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