July 16, 2018

Maisie Williams’ Stage Dream

Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams’ “dream” is to star in a West End show.

The 18-year-old actress wanted to be a professional dancer before landing the role of Arya Stark in ‘Game of Thrones’ at the age of 12 and would love to combine her two passions on the stage.

She said: “I wanted to perform and entertain, that was my natural state, my reason to be. The acting came along later.”

Asked if she wants a stage role, she added: “I would! That’s my dream. I’d love the chance to combine them both.”

Maisie quit school when she was 14 to focus on the show because she was “massively burned out”, but then found it a huge “struggle” to try and continue her education on the set.

She told heat magazine: “I tried to do school and acting. I went to school when I could and then, when I was on set, I had a tutor.

“But I was massively burned out. There were times when I was trying to teach myself with textbooks but yeah, it was a big struggle.

“Without someone to guide you, it was an impossible task.”

The British star is thankful her family supported her decision.

She said: “[My parents] were very supportive and they understood, which is kind of weird.

“I almost didn’t expect that reaction because no one else in my family acts. It came from nowhere.”

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