November 21, 2018

Lindsay Lohan Confirms She’s Releasing a New Album

LiLo still has one more album slated for release under Universal/Motown, but won’t start working on it before her sister Ali Lohan finishes recording hers.

Lindsay Lohan’s music career isn’t over yet. More than a decade after putting out her latest album, “A Little More Personal (Raw)”, she has now announced that she’ll definitely release a follow-up because she’s contractually obligated to do so.

“I have to record another album for Universal/Motown. And I will,” the 29-year-old star revealed in a recent video Q&A with singer Alex Simpson. However, her new music isn’t going to come out anytime soon. In the chat, she said that she wouldn’t start working on her next LP until her sister Ali Lohan finishes working on hers.

“With that being said, my sister is signed to EMI,” LiLo explained. “She’s recording a record, and out of respect for her and her true career choice – which is all she wants to do is make music, and her voice is like… Etta James meets Adele; I want to respect her in that lane and stay in my lane working with children and creating films and writing and directing.”

LiLo dropped “Speak” back in 2004 and “A Little More Personal (Raw)” in 2005. She planned to release another album in 2008. She already previewed it with the single “Bossy” before the project got scrapped.

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