March 19, 2019

Light up your world


After a long day at work, there’s nothing more appealing than unwinding in the comfort of your own home with a steaming cup of coffee, maybe a book to read and some candles on the side. Why the candle? Well, today candles are so much more than simply your last resort during a power failure. Living in a concrete jungle, candles can easily revamp our banal habitats into something ethereal and magical like the magical great hall at Hogwarts.

If thinking of candles only reminds you of perennial favourites, then you are in for a lot of surprises. Over the years, the candle manufacturing industry has flourished well and has sourced many unique and diverse candles for the tasteful homes.
For instance,now we can have the fresh smell that flowers bring without having to worry about buying new flowers every day. Scented candles can become your best friend, in this regard. For instance, scented Soy candles not only fill your home with a wonderful aroma but they also release soothing and health-reinforcing soy into the atmosphere that allow both your body and mind to relax. To my grandmother, scented candles are a fabulous luxury. She can light the scented candles that release her favourite fragrances—even those of spices like cinnamon or ginger and listen to classic Tagore songs while reminiscing about the good old days. It is surprising to know how our sense of smell is connected to both our emotional receptors and memory, so choosing the right fragrance can uplift your mood and promote positive emotions.
Then there are votive candles which are square or cylindrical in shape placed in heat resistant glass containers to control liquefied wax. So if you have children at home and want to keep the environment safe, then votives are the way to go.

With the exponential growth of traffic and piling workloads, sometimes it can be quite difficult to go out for a candle-light dinner with your significant other. But if you hone your cooking skills a little, all you need are some pillar candles to create a romantic like ambience in your own home. Pillar candles are built sturdily and can be in either spherical or square in shape. These are perfect during mealtimes because when arranged in candelabra they illuminate the room and the diner’s face with a warm light that cannot be replicated with light bulbs. This adds an essence of liveliness and often romance, to an intimate meal.
Floating candles, as the name explains, are designed to float on water. They vary in form from simple, smooth designs to elaborate, realistic shapes. During festivals or parties, it is an exceptional décor item that can add an aesthetic touch to your home.

Lastly, art wax candles, also known as specialty candles, are haute couture of the candle world. These are hand carved with intricate designs or made from graceful twisting strands. You may have already come across some vintage candles, tapers with flowers embellishing the entire length. 3 dimensional shapes such as the traditional rose, carved animal, birds or figures are made with art wax candles. So if you are in search for a gift for a candle lover, then there’s nothing better than these specialty candles.
Whilst the earliest candles were made in China for survival around 200BC, overtime they have seeped into different cultures and religionsand have become an indispensable part of our faith and celebration. When thinking of candles, the most celebrated festival that pops in my mind is of course Diwali, also known as the festival of light. Undoubtedly one of the mostcolourful and cheery festivals of Hinduism,candles and oil lamps are used with abandon to signify the victory of light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance. On the eve of Diwali, homes are illuminated with glorious candles while believers offer their prayers to Goddess Laxmi.
Candles are often also lit by worshippers in churches and cathedrals. In Christianity, candles are always burned during Sunday mass or funerals as a sign of remembrance of the departed.Buddhists are known to offer candles along with incense or flowers to the idols of Buddha to show respect.

Every culture, including our own, uses candles to symbolise the goodwill in our hearts. And by now you must already be wondering where to find them. Well, a trip to Aarong is definitely needed if you are looking for scented or floating candles. Home n décor, located on ProgotiSarani,also has a diverse collection of votive, container and pillar candles. My personal favourite is of course Dhali Super store located at Gulshan 2 DCC market. For a candle enthusiast Dhali can feel like the proverbialcandy store for the kid, with the wide variety of candles available. Yellow, Jatra, Ecstasy are renowned clothing stores but if you dig a little deeper, you will also notice their elegant collection of candles.

On a happier note, if your daily work schedule is too tight to allow some time for candle shopping, then you can check out these online stores who will deliver your purchases at home: Corr – The Jute Works and Jadopado.

So what are you waiting for? Go get lit today!

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