March 19, 2018

Li-Fi: 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

The new technology is called as Li-Fi (light fidelity) which is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

The pilot testing of LiFi, an alternative technology to WiFi has proved that it can send data at up to 1GBps, according to a report in The Telegraph UK.

This is almost 100 times faster than the present WiFi technology.

LiFi used light to beam information via air. The technology was first discovered by Professor Harald Haas in 2011 of the University of Edinburgh.

Li-fi inventor Professor Harald Haas

“While LiFi may not completely replace WiFi, the technologies could be used in parallel to create more efficient networks,” IBTimes UK reported.

The report also said that the technology could be rolled out for people in another three to four years, according to Velmenni CEO Deepak Solanki.

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