March 20, 2018

Leytonstone stabbing: Tube passenger who shouted ‘You ain’t no Muslim bruv’ speaks out

The bystander was heard in video footage of the incident at Leytonstone Tube station in east London last weekend, shouting as an attacker wielding a knife stabbed a man.

The hashtag YouAintNoMuslimBruv went viral on Twitter and David Cameron even mentioned the phrase during a speech on Monday.

The Prime Minister said: “‘You ain’t no Muslim, bruv’ said it all much better than I could have done.”

The man behind the phrase – a 39-year-old father named only as John – said he had to voice his feelings when he saw what was happening in the station.

He said: “I saw the guy. I was like, well you ain’t a Muslim… That’s my views, and I had to let him know that, because he looked to be a terrorist. I don’t believe in all that.”

John, who is not a Muslim himself, added: “People look at Muslims, and look at ISIS, and think they’re all the same. But obviously they’re not.”

John – security guard from north London – said he was happy to hear his 20-year-old son commend him for doing “the right thing”.

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