January 18, 2019

Leonardo Dicaprio Oscars Game Released

Leonardo DiCaprio

A Leonardo DiCaprio video game has been created in which players help the star to try to win an Oscar.

The Hollywood actor is yet to win an Academy Award in his life, which has been well documented, but a new game, ‘Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage’, enables gamers to help the star get his hands on one of the elusive prizes.

The arcade-style platform game see players make a mocked-up Leonardo figure run along the red carpet towards an Oscars statue by simultaneously tapping the G and H keyboard buttons.

During his rampage, gamers can make the 41-year-old star jump over obstacles, such as the paparazzi and the iceberg which put paid to the Titanic.

Leonardo is odds-on favourite to win the Best Actor award for his latest movie ‘The Revenant’ at the star-studded ceremony on February 28, and in the game players get the chance to race other stars nominated in the category this year.

They include Bryan Cranston for ‘Trumbo’, Matt Damon, who is wearing his spacesuit from ‘The Martian’, Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs, and Eddie Redmayne as Lili Elbe from ‘The Danish Girl’.

In one level, Lady Gaga appears on the red carpet to slow Leo down in his Oscars bid, but there is a chance to pick up bonus points by grabbing onto various other awards, such as Golden Globes, Emmys, MTV Movie Award prizes and SAG Award gongs.

There are also several mini games, including one in which players have to try to get Leonardo to crawl back to his car.

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