April 21, 2018

Leading Tories set to call for EU exit as blow to Cameron’s feeble renegotiation 

David Cameron

The 120-member Conservatives for Britain group – which includes senior ministers, peers, MPs and MEPs – will meet in Westminster to discuss a formal proposal for the UK to cut its ties with Brussels.

LEADING Tories are today set to call for Britain’s exit from the European Union as they deliver a new blow to David Cameron’s “feeble” renegotiation efforts.

Tory backbenchers were left furiously asking “is that it?” after their party leader outlined his renegotiation wish list, as they rounded on the Prime Minister for not going far enough with his demands.

It would mean the complete rejection of the Prime Minister’s bid to reform Britain’s EU relationship, just a week after Mr Cameron set out his demands for a better deal ahead of an in/out referendum before the end of 2017.

David Campbell Bannerman, a Tory MEP and co-chair of Conservatives for Britain, branded Mr Cameron’s letter to European Council president Donald Tusk a “feeble and irrelevant renegotiation”.

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