April 18, 2019

Labour MPs call for Corbyn to resign

Senior Labour MPs have called for Jeremy Corbyn to resign as Labour leader as he acted like “the Fuhrer” over his opposition to bombing Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists in Syria.

A gaping rift has opened up at the top of the Labour Party between left-winger Mr Corbyn and his shadow cabinet, as MPs decide whether to back extending RAF airstrikes against ISIS from northern Iraq to Syria.

David Cameron yesterday set out the case for war as he urged the House of Commons to approve action to “hit these terrorists in their heartlands right now”.

A parliamentary vote authorising military action could be held as soon as next week, although Mr Cameron has warned he will not call one unless he is sure of winning.

In a shadow cabinet meeting following the Prime Minister’s statement, a majority of Labour’s front bench team are said to have lined up to support the Prime Minister’s plans.

But life-long anti-war campaigner Mr Corbyn last night sent a letter to his MPs saying his would not support the Government’s proposals.

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