June 21, 2018

Kristen Stewart doesn’t learn scripts

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart “never” learns her lines.

The ‘Cafe Society’ actress will “quickly” memorise her dialogue if she needs to, but she thinks it is “better” to improvise and she finds sticking to a script “gets in her way”.

She admitted: “I never know my f***in’ lines. Even in Woody Allen movies, I don’t know my lines.

“I learn them quickly if it’s necessary, but typically, I just think it’s better if I find it or say something slightly different.

“If you’ve put in the groundwork properly, it works, and it’s easier if you’re playing somebody close to you.

“On the Woody Allen movie [‘Café Society’], it was more difficult because I’m playing this girl who’s just the opposite of me — the most buoyant, lovely, little person — but once I found her, we could totally improvise within the rhetoric of his movies, which is crazy because he’s so particular.

“All I’m saying is, learning lines gets in my way, but conversely, if you don’t know them, you flounder. It’s a balance.”

But the ‘Equals’ star admitted it can sometimes be a problem when she doesn’t know her lines.

She told Vulture: “To be honest, sometimes I f**k myself over. I’m like, ‘Oh s**t, I don’t know my lines!’ ”

The 26-year-old actress found it tough working on ‘Certain Women’ because writer-and-director Kelly Reichardt was so particular about the script.

She admitted: “She never said that initially, so I wasn’t prepared for that when I got to set. I would literally say ‘the’ instead of ‘is’ — just the slightest alteration to make it more like how I would say something — and she would be like, ‘Oh, um, that was great, but actually, the words are like this’. ‘Oh, OK. F**k. I didn’t realise. Good to know.’

“She likes the words. She wrote them a certain way, and she likes them. I don’t think she even realises she likes the words so much. If I told her she said that, she would be like, ‘No, I didn’t!’

While Kristen found sticking to the script “restrictive”, she admits it helped free her from herself.

She said: “I feel like it took me away from ‘Kristen’, and that was nice. She didn’t hire me for that. Sometimes I’m hired for that, and it’s genuinely what serves the part the best, to be totally in it and natural. But that girl [in ‘Certain Women’] was different.”

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