March 21, 2019

Kate Moss won’t go to shows after champagne snub

Kate Moss

Kate Moss doesn’t go to fashion shows because she never gets champagne.

The 42-year-old supermodel still enjoys getting behind the camera for shoots, but insists the world of the runway is very different to how it was when she began her career.

She said: “I still have fun when I do shoots. I don’t do fashion shows, obviously, because the last time I went to a fashion show, I asked for a glass of champagne and they didn’t have any! The nerve!

“It’s just a completely different world now; the girls get up and go swimming at six in the morning.”

Kate began her career when she was just 15 years old and despite her years of success and continued popularity as a model, she insists she’s never been “massively ambitious” and didn’t get upset if she missed out on a job.

She told the Globe and Mail: “I think I just felt really lucky that I wasn’t in Croydon. So I thought that even if everything goes horribly wrong, I’m not losing anything. It was like, even if I don’t end up working, I’m still having fun and I’m doing something and I’m seeing the world!

“I wasn’t massively ambitious but I did always want to do the best I could do. I was never lazy at work or about getting jobs, but I wasn’t bothered if I didn’t get them either really.

“I was just always having fun.”

And the British beauty – who has 13-year-old daughter Lila from her relationship with Jefferson Hack – is shocked she still gets offered jobs.

She admitted: “Every season, I’m like, Who knows if I’m going to get another job? But I’ve had a really good run. And then people start calling and I’m like, Wow! I’ve still got it! I’m always thinking, My goodness, I got booked again! So I am really happy to still be working.”

Kate recently posed for the cover of Vogue Italia with her daughter, and though Lila isn’t interested in modelling as a future career at the moment, she enjoys working with her mother as she can embarrass her.

Kate said: “She’ll come with me to work because she thinks it’s funny that we’re working together, and she really shows me up in front of everyone. She enjoys that.

“But who knows [what she’ll do in future]. She’s only little. She’s only 13.”

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