July 17, 2018

Kate Hudson Wants Bingham to Be Educated in England

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson wants to send her son Bingham to an English school.

The ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ star raises her four-year-old child with her former fiancé Matt Bellamy and when he’s older she’d like him to get his education in the same country his Muse rocker dad is from.

Kate loves the fact her son’s dual American/British citizenship allows her to come over to the UK more and she would live in London for large parts of the year if she didn’t need to be in the US with her older boy Ryder – her 12-year-old son with her ex-husband Chris Robinson.

In an interview with The Independent newspaper, she said: “We’ll spend anywhere from four to six months in the UK depending on the year. I’ve always loved London and I’m so happy there. I feel at home there so it’s nice now to have a son who’s half US citizen, half British! I’m a fan of Notting Hill and I love central London, especially Marylebone. I’d live there a little bit more but Ryder is in school in LA. When Bing is older, I’d love to have him in an English school, so we’ll see.”

Kate had a fantastic childhood with her mother Goldie Hawn, stepfather Kurt Russell, brother Oliver Hudson, half-brother Wyatt Russell and stepbrother Boston.

And she admits her own parents have had a big influence on how she brings up Ryder and Bingham and Kate hasn’t ruled out adding to her brood in the future.

The 36-year-old actress – who most recently dated Nick Jonas – said: “I think my parenting style is pretty similar to my own parents. We had a beautiful childhood. It’s not that it didn’t come with family stuff like a lot of families have, but we were lucky and were so close and remain close which today I think is very rare … We had a traditional upbringing, progressive, but very family-value-oriented, but there were also extraordinary things that we didn’t realise were extraordinary until growing up … I do my best. I think I’m an easy-going mom but I’m pretty strict too when it comes to manners and things like that. I love being a mom. I’ll have more children, yeah. Second round.

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