June 20, 2018

Justin Bieber Launches Another Bizarre Rant on Instagram

The ‘Love Yourself’ hitmaker uploaded on Instagram a video of himself doing his morning routine while ranting about some bizarre things.

Justin Bieber is continuing his odd behavior. On Tuesday, May 24, the “What Do You Mean” singer shared with his 69.1 million followers a video of himself randomly ranting about PETA, dog poop and more bizarre things while doing his morning routine.

In the video, the “Sorry” singer asked fans to help him decide what to wear as he gave a glimpse of his closet. While walking into his enviable closet, he said, “Morning. I’m about to get dressed in my closet. What should I wear? Trying to figure it out. I just got this, Adidas.”

“Check out this closet. Uh oh! Why would you do this? Bastard,” he said while showing dog poop on the floor. He then continued walking and grabbed an orange vest. “I could be a crossing guard … street worker … not a prostitute. I could be PETA’s favorite person in the world!” he stated.

It’s not clear why the 22-year-old singer posted such video, but it seems like he regretted posting it as he immediately deleted it. However, there’s a speculation that it’s his team who urged him to take it down.

The post came just two days after he took home two trophies for Top Male Artist and Top Social Media Artist at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. After his performance at the star-studded event, he took to Instagram to rant about the event. He thought the awards show was “so hollow” and said that there were “a bunch of fake smiles” there.

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