April 22, 2018

Jon Snow Is NOT Dead In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6

Game of Thrones season 6
Game Of Thrones is messing with fans again. A new poster for season 6 features Jon Snow, who died in the last season, but it’s unclear if the character has been resurrected from the dead/didn’t actually die/is dead but makes flashback appearances, reports NDTV.

Dead, as fans know only too well, doesn’t mean quite the same thing in Winterfell. This is the first official look at the new season:

The death of Jon Snow, one of the hit show’s most popular characters, sent a shockwave through the TV-watching world at the end of the previous season. Since then, conspiracy theories and what appeared to be wishful thinking on the part of fans fervently hoped that he would somehow return to the series.

Several signs pointed to this possibility. British actor Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, was spotted at Wimbledon this year still with his character’s long hair. In July, he was spotted in the Irish city of Belfast where Game Of Thrones is filmed. In September, Kit told Dutch magazine Humo that he would not only be returning to the show but would remain with it till the end.

The poster is as close to an official confirmation as it gets. Jon Snow was a Twitter trend at the time of writing this and fans are both joyful and apprehensive. “Jon Snow is alive – but is he really?” is the general sentiment.

As of now, it seems that winter is coming and there will indeed be Snow.

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