April 22, 2018

Joining in syria airstrikes will make Britain safer—David Cameron

British PM David Cameron says that his country cannot outsource its security to allies and already faces threat of mass casualties from Isis.

David Cameron has begun the delicate process of persuading sceptical Labour MPs to back airstrikes in Syria, saying the UK was already facing the threat of mass casualties from Isis and arguing that Britain could not outsource its security to allies.

He said Isis had been involved in as many as seven plots in the UK, and had established an external group of deadly intent dedicated to inflicting mass casualties around the world.

In a lengthy, painstaking statement, Cameron came under pressure to justify his claim that 70,000 moderate Free Syrian Army fighters were willing to battle Isis on the front line, and that a realistic chance of a ceasefire existed that would hasten a democratic United Nations-led transition in Syria and the ultimate departure of President Assad. He said military action would not derail, but assist the peace process.

Cameron openly told MPs he would not call a vote in the Commons until there was a clear majority for military action, effectively leaving him to wait on the decision of a bitterly divided shadow cabinet.

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