April 23, 2018

Jihadi Sid’s benefit scrounger pals boast of Sharia UK and being paid by YOU to spout bile

BENEFIT scrounging pals of Islamic State (ISIS) executioner Jihadi Sid have unveiled their plot for a Britain ruled by Sharia Law where they can claim benefits to spout Islamist bile.

The two preachers, who gleefully confess to spongeing off the taxpayer, went on the record with their horrifying plot to bring about radical Muslim rule in the UK.

In a terrifying vision of the future they promised that a black flag – like that of ISIS extremists in the Middle East – would one day fly over Downing Street.

Both are known associates of Abu Rumaysah, also knows as Siddhartha Dhar or ‘Jihadi Sid’.

One, hate preacher Abu Haleema, said that he wanted to hold public executions on Ealing Common in West London.

He gestured to a pleasant green spot which he said would be ideal for stoning adulterers to death.

Haleema grinned at the thought of crowds pouring in to the square to watch killings for offences which are not even crimes under UK law.

He said: “All the punishments are legislated by Allah.

“One of them is obviously chucking them off high buildings.

“People will see and they will know… it works. You could make a spot in Ealing Common, people like that kind of stuff.

He finished his hate-filled vision with the chilling declaration: “The whole world will be under the Shariah soon.”

Haleema spoke to the makers of Jihadis Next Door, a Channel 4 documentary which had been following Rumaysah and his associates for years.

The programme also shows Haleema and his Islamist friends giggling as they watch the latest ISIS murder video on a laptop.

During the eye-opening documentary the extremist preacher boasted of his work making radical videos to corrupt young Muslims here in Britain.

He also went on a bizarre tangent about rubbing perfumed oil into his beard so it would look luxuriant for the camera.

When asked to describe his dream of life under ISIS-controlled Britain, Haleema said it would be a cushier version of life on benefits.

He said: “That would involve me sitting there practising Islam the way I want to practice it and getting paid – getting my JSA without having to sign on.”

The documentary also followed Mohammed Shamsuddin, who lives on handouts as well.

When Haleema and Shamsuddin are shown photographs of him holding weapons in Syria, all they can say is “Allahu Akbar”, meaning “God is great”.

The pair of benefit scroungers then declare themselves “less than the sand beneath his feet” because he is waging jihad, and say they are “envious” not to be with him.

More than 700 Britons have fled to the Middle East to join the jihadi hate group since it was formed in 2011, with around half having since returned to our shores.

This week education secretary Nicky Morgan launched a new counter-terrorism initiative aimed at preventing extremism flourishing in schools.

She launched it at Bethnal Green Academy, from which three British schoolgirls fled to join ISIS in July last year.

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