March 20, 2019

Jessica Alba: ‘Doubters Made me Succeed’

Jessica Alba says doubters made her determined to succeed in Hollywood.

The 34-year-old actress has starred in movies including ‘Fantastic Four’, ‘Sin City’ and ‘Little Fockers’ and admitted she was driven to become successful by people who didn’t believe in her.

She said: “People doubted me as an actress and that’s something that drove me. I was not going to be pegged as an action-comic-book fangirl.”

Director James Cameron, who gave Jessica her big break in TV series ‘Dark Angel’ when she was just 18, said he always knew she would be a star.

He explained: “This was a $125 million production and we were resting it on the shoulders of a teenager. She totally stepped up to the plate and didn’t fall or falter.”

Jessica has also branched out from acting to found her own billion-dollar company, Honest, which sells eco-friendly baby products and non-toxic cleaning supplies and admitted it has helped her overcome her insecurity about her acting.

She explained to Vanity Fair magazine: “When I first went to the Academy Awards in 2006, I remember thinking, ‘If I talk to anyone for too long, they’re going to know I don’t belong here.’ Now I have stopped caring so much about people liking me.”

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