February 23, 2019

Jennifer Lawrence too scared to try theatre

Jennifer Lawrence

Actress Jennifer Lawrence is too terrified to test her acting chops on the stage as live performance “scares” her.
The 25 year old has become one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood in recent years, appearing in both The Hunger Games and X-Men franchises and landing an Oscar for her role in 2012 drama Silver Linings Playbook.
Many big stars go on to make their mark on Broadway, but Jennifer is adamant she has no plans to hit the stage.”It scares me,” she tells Vogue magazine. “My fear comes from feeling like theatre is vocal and physical, and film is all eyes and subtlety. That I can do.”

Jennifer admits her Joy co-star Isabella Rossellini has been trying to persuade her to try theatre, but the young star is still not convinced.

“Isabella Rossellini told me that I would love theatre because it’s only acting and none of the bulls**t. But if I have to do more than three takes I start to just, like, die. Every time I’ve said that to somebody from theatre, though, they always say it’s completely different every single night.”

During the interview, Jennifer opens up about the photoshoot she took part in for the magazine, revealing editors gave her a horse to ride and she galloped off into the Californian desert.

Jennifer admits she got lost and feared she might not be able to find her way back to the crew.

“They gave me this amazing horse,” she explains. “Fastest I’ve ever ridden in my life. As soon as we wrapped (the photoshoot), I took that horse and galloped him so deep into the desert. That horse has seven speeds. I would give him one more kick and he just kept going faster. —film-news.co.uk

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