April 18, 2019

Jennifer Lawrence praised for changing Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has “opened up” new paths for female leading roles in Hollywood.

The ‘Hunger Games’ actress has been praised by ‘Poldark’ star Eleanor Tomlinson, who credits the 26-year-old beauty for showing casting directors that women can spearhead genres typically associated with male stars and that they can be more than just a love interest.

She told Stella magazine: “Jennifer has really opened up a whole category of films for women. There are now superhero movies fronted by women and I think directors generally are moving away from that stereotypical woman’s role that is just about being flirted with by a man before falling into his arms.

“I’m not interested in being the damsel in distress; I want someone who has her own storyline and her own mission – not a woman who, to use a comedy term, is just there to provide the feed line to someone else’s joke.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer recently opened up about her life before she became Hollywood’s highest paid actress, revealing she lived in a “rat-infested apartment” when she was 14 years old and insisting that she wasn’t the overnight success people often perceive her to be.

She said: “I didn’t want to have to struggle any longer than I did. I put in my time; I lived in a rat-infested apartment when I was 14 and I was told ‘No’ many times. I put my blood, sweat and tears into all of this.

“It’s easy to look from the outside and see my career grew very fast but there was a time before that career when I was working for it and I definitely wouldn’t have wanted that time to go on any longer.”

The ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ star has also spoken of her frustration at constantly being followed by paparazzi.

She said: “There are 10 men sleeping outside my house and I see them every morning and it’s not lovely. I’ve talked about it a lot with other actors who have the same problems but we don’t really like to complain about it because if we do people go, ‘Shut up, millionaires.’ and say, ‘You’re so lucky.’ And yes we are lucky but I deserve the right to have control over my image. I would prefer that the only time somebody sees me is when I am in a film, or in character or if I am promoting a movie.”

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