April 25, 2019

Jennifer Lawrence learns Spanish from Venezuela’s Edgar Ramirez in “Joy”

Jennifer Lawrence.

Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez has said he was the one who taught Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence to speak Spanish in David O. Russell’s new movie “Joy”.

Ramirez stars with Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper in the upcoming biopic.

The actor plays wannabe singer Tony Miranne, who is the ex of the leading character, a self-made woman who builds a business empire based on her inventiveness and sales skills, and despite having all the cards stacked against her.
The film is based on the true story of entrepreneur Joy Mangano.

Ramirez, who debuted in American movies with “The Bourne Ultimatum”, said he was interested in the character he plays in “Joy” because it was all about a man who “goes against the macho rules imposed by society”.

Ramirez said his character was an example of “true love”, since the ex-husband, a would-be singer who never quite made it, shelves his dreams in order to aid the mother of his children.

“I think one of the most beautiful things about love is helping the person you love become the best she can be,” he said. And his ex-wife does just that, becoming a huge success in the business world.

The actor noted the message of gender equality in the film and said that “the world is a lot more difficult for women”.
Ramirez defended feminism and said “it also benefits men, because it frees them from many stigmas”.

“More and more men stay home to raise kids these days, without feeling that their virility is being questioned,” he said.

Born in San Cristobal in Venezuela 38 years ago, Ramirez’s father was in the military, a profession that required many trips abroad and the consequent need to learn different languages, which eventually helped the actor work outside his country of origin.

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