March 24, 2018

Jade Thirlwall’s whirlwind romance with surfer

Jade Thirlwall

Jade Thirlwall once had a summer romance with an Australian surfer.

The Little Mix beauty has admitted she fell “in love” with the mystery hunk for three weeks while she was vacationing Down Under but then she returned to the UK and dumped him.

The brunette beauty told BANG Showbiz: “I went to Australia and met a surfer dude. It was a couple of weeks, we were in love, what can I say, and then I went back home and was like ‘Over it, bye!’ It was good, it’s nice having a summer romance – you get very wrapped up really quickly.”

Jade previously claimed she hadn’t had much luck when it comes to her love life because she found it quite hard to get a boyfriend who was with her for the “right reasons”.

She said previously: “I’ve been on dates where we’ve sat there and the first thing they’ve asked me is, ‘What’s it like being in Little Mix?’ I’m like, ‘Game over.'”

However, it seems the 23-year-old beauty may have finally found her match as she’s been dating The Struts bassist Jed Elliott since February after she took the initiative with their relationship.

Jade said recently: “I was very much the chaser. To be honest, I don’t usually do that, but I felt a bit more confident in myself and like I should make a move with him and I did and it bloody worked!

“If you like someone, you’ve just got to go for it. Shy kids get no toffee! I flew all the way to go on a second date with him. I just thought YOLO and decided I’d just see what happened.”

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