June 25, 2018

It’s Not Clear Where Black Panther Stands In Civil War Says Chadwick Boseman

               Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman says you don’t quite know where Black Panther stands in Captain America: Civil War.

Civil War is set to introduce us to Black Panther for the first time – ahead of the character’s own solo movie – and it will be the biggest role of Boseman’s career to date. The character appears on the new cover of EW, alongside Captain America and Iron Man, but it is not obvious on which side he is going to stand.

Speaking to EW, Boseman said: “He’s definitely not the life of the party in this instance. I think this is something true of the comic book character and the movie. You never quite know where he stands.

“There’s always a bit of concealing and mystery. So I think mysterious is more his boat. Not to say there’s not charm and he can’t be a ladies’ man and all that. It’s more like if there is humour, it’s more like James Bond.”

Black Panther made a very quick appearance in the first trailer for Civil War, which was released last week and has gone on break Marvel records in terms of viewing figures.

The movie will see Steve Rodgers and Tony Stark at odds over the Sokovia Accords – which is designed to control the actions of the Avengers – and will see this group of friends divided and going head to head.

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr will reprise the roles of Captain America and Iron Man – this will be the first time that we have seen Downey Jr in the Captain America franchise.

Black Panther will not be the only new character that we are introduced to as we are going to see Tom Holland take over the role of Spider-Man for the very first time. Like Black Panther, there is a solo movie for this character on the horizon next year.

Captain America: Civil War will be the first time that we have seen Boseman on the big screen since he played James Brown in biopic Get on Up – it looks set to be the role that will send his star rocketing over the next couple of years. Not only will the actor be part of a terrific ensemble cast, it will be the first time that he has teamed up with filmmakers Anthony and Joe Russo.

This will be the second Marvel film for the Russo brothers and comes hot off the heels of the success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Civil War looks set to be an even bigger hit than its predecessor when it hits the big screen at the end of April.

The Black Panther film is in the pipeline but a director is yet to be announced. However, the likes of Ava DuVernay and Ryan Coogler are just two of the names that have been linked to the project so far this year.

Captain America: Civil War is released 29th April 2016.

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