February 23, 2019

ISIS savages publicly EXECUTE three men for ‘BLASPHEMY’ in front of mob

THE depraved Islamic State (ISIS) has ruthlessly murdered three men for breaking the militants’ twisted interpretation of Sharia law.

Harrowing images of the executions were released online after the merciless extremists said the men were killed for the crimes of banditry, blasphemy and apostasy.

The disturbing pictures show the public executions along with images of jihadis whipping four other men who were punished for allegedly drinking alcohol.

A masked crowd watched the chilling executions in Sirte without protest.

ISIS reportedly have 3,000 fighters in the Libyan town, where the evil death cult has imposed the strict rules familiar to those used Raqqa – its self-styled Syrian capital.

According to the “report”, the executed men were also deserters of the cause.

The brutal jihadis said the men belonged to a militia loyal to Khalifa Haftar – the UN-backed government general deeply hostile to Islamist forces.

Michael Kugelman, of the Woodrow Wilson Centre in Washington, said: “From the start, Islamic State has vowed to take its fight globally, but until recently it has been focused on managing its caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

“With the Iraqi army re-taking some of the territory the group had taken, ISIS has re-dedicated attention to focusing on a more global approach.

“The big question, after the Jakarta attacks and all of these attacks around the world in recent months that have been claimed by ISIS is – are these militants only inspired by ISIS or have they been directly managed by ISIS?”

Mr Kugelman said that ISIS is now content to take credit for the attacks as part of their “brand recognition”.

He continued: “What you have here are disillusioned, alienated militants, who have been fighting with a different organisation, who are interested in identifying themselves with a more dynamic cause.

“And they see ISIS as a very dynamic cause – they are in the media all the time and commit spectacularly brutal attacks.”

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