April 19, 2018

ISIS having RECRUITMENT AGENCY appoint new jihadi being paid for each

EVIL Islamic State (ISIS) is continuing a recruitment agency which appoing talent scouts are paid for each new jihadi that joins, it has emerged.

An ever-growing network of jihadis are signing up in Belgium eager to wreak murder and mayhem on the West in brutal Paris-style massacres which left 129 dead and scores injured on Friday.

And those who find the new recruits are rewarded with cash – with extra bonuses if their “employee” proves their their worth by carrying out an attack.

The callous ISIS recruitment tactics were revealed at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly on November 2 – just 11 days before seven ISIS suicide bombers left a trail of destruction in Paris.

It is believed the November 13 attacks were hatched in Belgium, a hot-bed of “talent” for the terrorists.

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