February 22, 2019

Immigrant predator sexually assaulted women years after Home Office FAILED to DEPORT him

AN IMMIGRANT sexually assaulted young women just two years after a judge ordered he should be deported from Britain.

Algerian Ismail Dehdouh, 35, was jailed for a year in 2012 for using false identity documents and was due to be thrown out of the country after his release.

But the Home Office failed to deport Dehdouh who was free to commit his disturbing sex attacks.

Dehdouh was jailed for four-and-a-half years on Friday for a string of sex attacks.

The predator kissed one of his victims on the neck while groping her body in full view of her four-year-old brother – who is now scared to be left on his own.

Judge Andrew Hatton, who convicted Dehdouh at Liverpool Crown Court, said: “You targeted young women you considered to be vulnerable”.

The court heard that in September 2015 Dehdouh preyed on his first victim – a 22-year-old woman as she was out walking in Wigan.

After being asked if she was Spanish and single, she tried to walk away from him but he followed her and asked for a kiss.

She rejected him and sought refuge in a nursery to get away from the sex-pest who stalked her movements for 500 yards.

Three days later one of his 16-year-old victims was walking her young brother home from school when Dehdouh began chatting to her.

Prosecutor Henry Riding said he begun following her and she became scared and took a different route to desperately get to a main road until he cut her off.

He asked if he could have “a hug” and he put one arm around her shoulder and the other around her back near her bottom while her brother was cowering behind her.

The victim grabbed her brother and pushed the sex fiend out of her way as she walked off.

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