April 21, 2018

‘I don’t sit and watch my films’ Kate Winslet admits she cringes when watching her films

The Oscar-winner made the admission to Day & Night at the British Independent Film Awards on Sunday when asked which of her roles was her favourite to view.

“I don’t sit and watch my own films – I couldn’t think of anything weirder,” said Kate, 40.

“To sit there and watch those clips at award dos – I cringe a lot.”

The mum-of-three also claimed that despite being in the enviable position as one of Hollywood’s elite, she actually resents being seen as a film star.

“I’ll tell you something that does bother me, sort of niggles me really—this notion that people who are in films so by definition film stars, a term I have huge issues with anyway, that we’re somehow untouchable people,” explains the Steve Jobs actress.

“The idea that I would be perceived by anyone in my own life as being someone who was inaccessible or unavailable to them, in my family and friendships. I suppose that just transfers to interviews or when I’m speaking about my job. I’m just a very honest person really.”

However, despite being so firmly anti industry, Kate surprisingly embraces her industry’s biggest back-patting.

“I feel huge trepidation [during Awards season],” she said. “It doesn’t go away that thing…. That feeling of ‘will it happen, will it not happen’. I’m only a human being at the end of the day and I’ve been through it before. It’s so exciting… It’s a human instinct to keep your fingers crossed.”

ALWAYS immaculately dressed- Dame Joan Collins insists it only takes her 15 minutes to transform into full glamour puss mode – and that’s at 82 years of age.

“If I really have to, I can get ready very quickly.
Recently we were going to a very smart wedding in Gordes in the South of France. We got lost and by the time we got there is was 5.15 – and the wedding was at 5.30,”

The ex Dynasty star tells Woman & Home.”I had to go from jeans, t shirt and no make up to ready in 15 minutes – which I did! It came down to the dress, of course, With the make up, I quickly did a little bit on my eyes and a bright lipstick.

Normally I can do daytime make up in less than 10 minutes, night time in 20-25 minutes.”

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