February 23, 2019

Hungarian PM hails ‘common sense’ move tocap migrant numbers as crisis spirals

A EUROPEAN Prime Minister has sparked outrage by saying “the best migrant is one that does not come”.

Viktor Orban of Hungary praised Austria for its decision to cap the number of migrants allowed to enter the country.

He called the move “the most important news of the past months”.

Mr Orban said: “Common sense has prevailed.”

“Europe can’t take in huge masses of foreign people in an unlimited, uncontrolled manner.

“The best migrant is the migrant who does not come.”

The controversial politician’s comments caused fury as at least 42 people including 17 children drowned off the coast of Greece yesterday.

Hungary has also been slammed by human rights groups over the decision to erect a fence across the nation’s southern border to prevent Syrian refugees from crossing.

European Union (EU) officials have now launched a complaint over the lack of co-ordinated response by the 28 member states.=

Kate O’Sullivan, a member of the Save the Children charity, expressed horror at Friday’s drownings and urged the EU to secure safe, legal passage for refugees.

Criticising Mr Orban, she said: “Instead of focusing on building fences and tightening border controls, we are calling on European leaders to take action to ensure no more children lose their lives senselessly.”

The Hungarian PM is not the only EU leader to raise concerns about the growing migrant crisis.

Yesterday David Cameron called for an “emergency break” on migration within the EU as the French Prime Minister warned Europe would collapse if it accepted every refugee fleeing Syria and Iraq.

Mr Cameron suggested he could drop his demand for blocking eurozone migrants from claiming benefits in exchange for an “emergency brake” on high immigration levels.

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