June 24, 2018

Hugh Jackman: Happy Wife Equals Happy Life

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

Hugh Jackman’s slogan in life is “happy wife, happy life”.

The 47-year-old star and Deborra-Lee Furness will celebrate their 20-year anniversary on April 11 and ‘The Wolverine’ actor admits the key to a great existence has been to make sure his significant other is always in good spirits.

When asked if there as a slogan he lives by on Australian morning show ‘Sunrise’, he said: “Have a go.

“The other one, the most important one, is drummed into me every day. Happy wife, happy life. That’s the slogan. We’re about to celebrate our 20th.”

Hugh recently admitted doing all his own sex scenes in movies has been the key to his successful marriage.

When asked by his ‘X-Men Origins’ co-star Ryan Reynolds whether he does all his own acting, Hugh quipped: “If there’s sex scenes, I do them. [That’s the] key to a good marriage.”

The star has publicly praised his wife – who he met on the set of Australian drama ‘Corelli’ in 1995 – on several occasions, and once described her as the “greatest thing” that has ever happened to him.

Speaking about when the pair first met, Hugh – who has two kids with Deborra, Oscar, 15 and Ava, 10 – said: “It gets better and better, I can honestly say that. She’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

“She was the star and I had this major crush on her. Everyone did. The whole crew had a crush on her and I was so embarrassed by that, I didn’t talk to her for about a week.”

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