July 17, 2018

Homeless father faces spending SECOND Christmas in car

Christopher Vile, 52, says he has spent “many lonely nights” in his hatchback, after becoming homeless from a failed relationship.

The only way he can wash is in local lakes and rivers.

To make matters worse, Mr Vile says he suffers from a back complaint, making sleeping in the car excruciating.

But now he fears he may not even be able to afford his Peugeot 206, as his increasingly serious depression and forgetfulness prevent him from working.

Mr Vile, from Plymouth, Devon, often fears for his safety, being regularly woken up to find people attacking his car.

One night he says he even woke up to a group of hooligans throwing a slab of granite through the back window.

He said: “I have a problem with memory loss and have provided medication for it.

“I can’t remember my children’s names half the time. The average night is really bad.

“The sleeping situation is diabolical because it is a little two door and all my belongings are kept inside.

“People notice (the car) is steamed up and begin shaking and kick it – it is very scary.

“The only place where i can find peace is on the moor at Yelverton.”

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