September 25, 2018

Hilary Duff: I ‘always worry’ about my son

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff “always worries” about her son.

The ‘Younger’ star – who has four-year-old Luca with her ex-husband Mike Comrie – can’t stop feeling nervous about how her son’s life will go as she wants it all to be “perfect”.

She said: “He only makes every day matter so much more and the joy that I feel, the purpose, everything is so much more heightened. It’s just, he’s really amazing. [As a mother], you’re always worrying. Everyone wants their kids’ lives to go perfectly, which is obviously not possible all the time. But it’s so fun. I’m so lucky.”

And the 28-year-old singer and actress worries about getting a good balance between her career and her family life as she doesn’t want to “miss” any of her son’s life.

She added: “I feel like I’m missing out a lot and it makes me really sad. The easiest way for me to really connect with him when I’ve had a crazy week is to unplug from all my devices …

“We love building Legos together. We love going to the park together. We play grocery store a lot. We scooter! I have a pink Razor scooter. So I’ve given up on all my coolness because he is like a speed demon on his Razor, and I can’t keep up!”

Meanwhile, Hilary insists she isn’t worried about having the “perfect” beach body since she gave birth to Luca.

She told The Today Show: “I don’t care to look absolutely perfect in a bathing suit. I’m a normal girl. I’m strong. I’m fit. I feel good about myself after I’ve had a baby …

“I go through ups and downs, being like, ‘Damn, I’m fit right now’ and ‘OK, I’m letting things slide a little’ and I’m totally fine with that.”

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