April 25, 2018

Greedy landlord caught renting unheated GARAGE to family with six-year-old child for £400

A GREEDY landlord was caught charging a family £400 a month to live in his GARAGE with one working plug socket.

The garage, in Blaby, near Leicester, had a broken shower, no smoke alarms and no fire escape.

And the Portuguese family which had a child aged six, lived in just one section of it, they told the council.

The authority said they were living in just one section of the building which was divided into three rooms.

But the landlord could rent it out again if “extensive work” is carried out.

The tenants are believed to have been living in the garage for seven months and have now been re-homed.

A statement from Blaby District Council said: “One of the gravest concerns to officers was the main garage door, which had not been removed by the landlord.

“With the garage door in place tenants had nowhere to sit with natural light and a fire in the property could have left them trapped with no window to escape through.”

Environmental health officer for Blaby District Council, Phil Fasham, said the property had no natural light in some areas and could have risked the family’s lives in the event of a fire as the main garage door did not open.

He said: “For a property for people to live in, it’s one of the worst I have seen because it was so tiny.”

Blaby councillor Guy Jackson said it was hard to believe any landlord would find it acceptable “to let a family live in those conditions”.

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