April 20, 2018

Gal Gadot’s Parenting Concern

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot worries she doesn’t do enough for her daughter.

The ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ actress – who has daughter Alma, four, with husband Yaron Versano – feels reassured that her mother will always travel with her to help look after her little girl, but “does her best” to be with the youngster as much as she can.

She said: “Fame means I have to be very organised. But being a mother means getting up early in the morning even if you’re tired because that’s your responsibility.

“I worry that I should always be doing more and spend more time with Alma even when I’m working.

“I try to do the best I can.

“My mother and my daughter travel with me, so when I’m on the set, my mother will look after Alma and that gives me a lot of comfort.”

Gal adores being a parent and thinks it was better to have her daughter before her career really took off as she wouldn’t have as much time for her if she waited until things had “settled” and she had established herself.

She explained to Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “It’s given me a lot of joy. I was thinking about whether I should wait to have children when my acting career was more settled, but then I thought that if you’re more successful, you’re working even more, so that wouldn’t be the best time either.

“I’m very happy being a mother and as soon as you begin raising your child, you feel this incredible love and happiness that is different from anything else you’ve ever experienced.”

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