July 20, 2018

Gal Gadot’s Mother Influence

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot’s mother has been a “major influence” in her life.
The ‘Wonder Woman’ star – who hails from Israel – credits her family for her making her dream big, but especially her mum, who taught her and her sister to be “ambitious”.

She said: “My mother has been a major influence in my life and that of my sister. Both my father and mother raised us to be very capable and independent women with a strong sense of ourselves and a positive outlook on life. That kind of spirit is very important. I grew up in believing in myself and thing that I would be able to accomplish the goals I set out for myself. My mother was the one who taught me to have big dreams and go out into the world with a sense of adventure.”

And the actress – who rose to fame as Gisele in ‘The Fast and the Furious’ franchise – thinks the values her mother instilled in her have helped her.

Speaking about her Wonder Woman character, she said: “She’s the ultimate symbol of a strong, smart, and serious woman. She represents the kind of woman who is independent and highly capable, someone who can handle herself in very difficult conditions and doesn’t need to rely on a man to rescue her.”

Gal will debut as the superheroine this month in ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ followed by her standalone ‘Wonder Woman’ movie next year, and says when she feels overwhelmed with the work she has on, she thinks of the lessons her mother taught her.

She added to Total Film magazine: “I’m looking forward to it all. I’m a woman who has very high expectations and wants to be the best at everything. I sometimes think maybe I put too much pressure on myself but my mother raised me to be ambitious and every time I start to worry too much I think about how my mother has led her life and what she has taught me.”

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