June 22, 2018

French PM warns of far-right ‘trickery’

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has delivered a political speech warning voters not to fall for the “trickery” of National Front (FN) leader Marine Le Pen, ahead of key regional elections on Sunday.

Opinion polls suggest a surge in support for the far-right FN after the migrant crisis and the Paris attacks.

“Beware of those who say with us there would have been no attack,” said Mr Valls.

Earlier the head of the bosses’ group condemned the FN’s policies.

Pierre Gattaz, the president of Medef, told Le Parisien the party’s programme was “not economically responsible” and it reminded him of left-wing politics from the early 1980s.
Bringing the retirement age back to 60, raising the minimum wage and bringing back the franc were “exactly the opposite of what we need to kick-start economic growth in this country,” he said.

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