April 19, 2018

France declares to augment air-drone against ISIS

François Hollande on the way to join upper and lower houses of parliament

French president has called for coalition to ‘fight terrorist army’ and dispatches aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle to eastern Mediterranean.

He addressed both houses of parliament at the Palace of Versailles. The president mentioned his country was infused in “a war against jihadi terrorism”. The sponsors of the carnage in the capital “must know that their crimes further strengthen the determination of France to fight them and and to destroy them”, he said.

François Hollande said France’s airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria would be intensified after the terror attacks that killed 129 people in Paris on Friday, with the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle set to leave for the eastern Mediterranean, tripling the country’s air capacity in the region.

“More strikes are needed, and we will carry them out,” Hollande added. “More support for all fighting against Isis is needed, and France will provide it. But we need a union of all who can fight this terrorist army in a single coalition.”

Hollande said that he would meet Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin in the next weeks to have a discuss more effective pooling of France’s resources with those of the US and Russia.

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