April 21, 2018

Fox lights fuse for cabinet revolt to leave Europe

LIAM FOX declares today that Britain should leave the European Union, delivering a significant blow to David Cameron’s hopes of winning Tory backing for his renegotiation with Brussels.

In a challenge to the prime minister’s claim after a summit last week that Europe was moving in Britain’s direction, the former defence secretary said: “It is time to end the pretence.”

Writing in The Sunday Times, Fox condemns the sight of the prime minister parading around Europe with a “political begging bowl” and concludes that Britain should no longer be “tied to an economically failing, socially tense and politically unstable project”.

Fox is the most senior figure to have served in Cameron’s cabinet to declare he will vote to leave. He was urged to publicly back “Brexit” by ministers who believe Cameron’s renegotiation does not go far enough.

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