May 22, 2018

Four Britons among seven killed in New Zealand helicopter crash

New Zealand helicopter crash caused the death of four Britons among seven were totally dead.

Four Britons were among seven people believed to have been killed when a helicopter crashed at a popular New Zealand tourist site, local police said.

The aircraft went down on Saturday morning at Fox Glacier in the South Island and bad weather continued to hinder recovery attempts overnight. Police said they believed none of the seven people aboard, including the pilot, survived the crash.

Recovery teams have been unable to reach the wreckage, which is in a crevasse, due to difficult terrain and poor visibility. Police added that next of kin were being notified.A spokesman for the New Zealand police said: “Police believe the passengers in the helicopter crash on Fox Glacier were six foreign tourists. It is believed two were Australians and four were from the United Kingdom. Formal identification of those people will take some time.

“Police have been liaising with the embassies of the countries concerned to ensure the next of kin are advised of the situation.”

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