February 23, 2019

Fans Just Find Out They’ve Been Mishearing Lyric of J.Lo’s ‘I’m Real’

A lot of fans who’ve been singing the particular lyric wrong for more than a decade tweeted their reactions after finding out that J.Lo actually spelled Ja Rule’s name on the song.

Yes, everyone’s been mishearing one particular lyric on Jennifer Lopez’s collaboration with Ja Rule, “I’m Real”. More than a decade after it was released, someone has finally figured out what the singer actually said at the beginning of the track.

For about 15 years, fans believed that J.Lo asked, “Are you Ellie?” on the song, leaving them wondering which Ellie she referred to. But Jezebel recently pointed out that the Bronx diva was actually spelling Rule’s name, “R-U-L-E,” as a response to her collaborator who opened the tune with the line, “What’s my motherf**king name?!”

Fans who just found out the correct lyric immediately took to Twitter to poke fun at the fact that they’d been hearing and singing the word wrong. “I’m an idiot. I thought J. Lo was saying ‘Are you Ellie’ in ‘I’m Real’. She’s spelling out Ja Rule’s name. ‘R-U-L-E’ Wow,” one user wrote. “I literally just learned JLo was spelling Ja Rule’s name today & not saying ‘Are you Ellie?’ & I’m laughing like a loon all alone,” another user said.

“I’m Real” featuring Ja Rule came out in 2001. The song caused controversy upon its release due to J.Lo’s use of the n-word in the second verse, though it went on to become a big hit. It peaked at No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100.

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